You Didn't Burn Her Escavators Because Of Galamsey; Let Me Share The Two Secrets - NDC Man Speaks


Regional Communication Director for the Eastern Region NDC Mr Darlas Amponsa says Kate Gyamfua's escavators were not burnt on President Akufo Addo's directives because he wants to stop Galamsey. He alleged that in reality, the escavators were burnt Based on two Secrets he shared in a press release.

He alleged that, the first secret is that, Kate Gyamfua spoke against one of the lovely appointees of Akufo Addo. According to him, when Kate Gyamfua came out publicly to criticise her own government ( roads minister) to fix roads in Eastern Region and stop focusing on roads in the President's hometown, she was marked as disrespectful.

To him, its pay back time to teach Kate Gyamfua a lesson that she can't speak anyhow in the party.

His second secret released was that, NPP wants to kick Kate Gyamfua out of office.That is Why they want to Use her as a scapegoat to brand her a Galamsey Woman in order to spoil her chances in retaining her seat as a National officer of the party.

He Advised President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to chase the real Galamsey people which he himself knows and stop the "camouflage".