5 Countries Where Weed is Legal

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In most countries in the world, it is illegal to use the weed. In India, usage of cannabis or marijuana is against the law. However, small portions are used in preparing thandais, lassis, and sweets.

In some India states like Varanosi, the weed usage is legal. As per now, there are certain nations where marijuana is legal. These are some of the countries where the weed usage is legal.


In the Netherlands, possessing a weed is illegal. However, you can use it when you are in a coffee shop. In many coffee shops, the weed is exhibited on the hoardings and walls. The sale of the weed in the Netherlands is regarded as an essential service.


In Canada, over 18 years of age people can legally use weed up to 30 grams in the public. They can even grow four marijuana plants at their gardens. According to the law of this nation, you are allowed to purchase marijuana from licensed producers and retailers.


In Uruguay, locals have the right to buy marijuana for recreational purposes. The only thing they have to do is to register with a regulator. In 2013, the Uruguay government legalized the weed for recreational usage. However, those aged above 18 years old are the ones allowed by law.

South Africa

In 2018, the law passed the growing and usage of weed by adults in private places. However, buying, selling, and usage of weed in public areas in South Africa is still prohibited. 


Jamaica is the home country of the late famous musician by the name Bob Marley. In Jamaica, the law allows its citizens to use cannabis for medicinal and religious purposes. The weed was legalized in 2015. All the Rastafarians in Jamaica can use the weed in large quantities without being restricted.

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