The Darkest Woman Ever | This Is What They Actually Mean When They Say Black Is Beautiful

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People have their own preferences even when it comes to the people they date. There are men who date only the light skinned, but others prefer dating the dark skinned ladies.

The prejudice based on skin tone - has stunted the romantic lives of millions of dark-skinned black women. They are not as valued as the lighter-skinned counterparts when seeking romantic partners, their dating pool constricted because of something as arbitrary as shoe size.

Colourism finds its roots in racism because, without racism, someone’s value and perceived superiority wouldn't be based on the color of their skin.

Black girls have had a difficult time in our society for quite some time. Dating back to the days of slavery, black women were stripped away from their families and taken away from their homes. This is history that may never be undone, and the lingering damage is compelling.

Thanks to dark skinned women like Anyang. She has proved to many people in the whole wide world that black is indeed beautiful. The world is gradually accepting people like her.

Through her social media accounts, Deng is indirectly motivating African women to accept their skin colour. However, Deng is facing criticism on social media for breaking down barriers and encouraging other melanin women to be positive about their skin tones. This young women's confidence is admirable.

The question is trite and assumes those of us who are dark-skinned have an inherent dislike of our lighter-skinned sisters. The issues of colourism in our community are deep and generational and cannot possibly be summarized with a simple “dark-skinned women hate light-skinned women.”

To be honest, dark skinned women out there opt for bleaching, but Anyang never considered it even when people mocked the colour of her skin.

The act of lightening one's skin goes beyond the physical effect - it can also be incredibly detrimental to one's self-confidence and mental health.

Skin bleaching can have unpleasant side effects. Skin bleaching techniques could have serious side effects and complications like inflammation (swelling and redness), skin irritation, or burning and itchy skin.

Whether you are bleaching your face or your body, bleach contains sodium hypochlorite which causes a chemical reaction, this leads to breakouts on the skin.

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