SC Ngatia's Next Move After He Misses Out On CJ Post.


Yersterday, the Judicial Services Commission announced the appellate judge justice Martha Koome as the their best candidate for the post of chief justice.

Koome defied all the odds to beat the nine candidates including the senior counsel lawyer Fred Ngatia, Justice William Ouko, Chitembwa and Murgor.

Her name has been already presented to the president who will in turn forward it to the parliament for approval.

As reported by today Business Daily, the SC Fred Ngatia acknowledged the nomination of Koome as CJ but pointed fingers at the panelists. He claims the JSC might have rigged him out because they failed to disclose how they awarded marks to the candidates publicly.

Fred Ngatia assured his client that he will continue rendering them service diligently to ensure that justice has prevailed.

However, the insider reveals that their was much competition between judge Koome, Ouko and Ngatia.

The JSC settled on Koome because of her experience in legal affairs for 31 years. They believed she was the right person to mend fences between the president and the courts.

Furthermore, in her past rullings as a judge. Justice Koome was not controversial in her judgements.