Masechaba Khumalo Says 'Jub Jub Raped Her Too' - Here's What Happened

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Moja Love presenter and ex convict Jub Jub was jailed for driving under the influence and causing a deadly accident that took the lives of 4 school children and left others with permanent disabilities. It seems like that is not only his crimes because Amanda Du-Pont took to social media to share that she was subjected to Gender Based Violence (GBV) and raped by him for 2 years while they where still dating. It does not end there because Masechaba Khumalo also attested that she was also victimized by Jub Jub.


In a tweet that she shared in the early hours of the morning, it stated that "i belive Amanda Du-Pont, Jub Jub raped me too". She futher indicated that this happened in Mama Jackie's house in Naturena. This is the woman that was incarcerated for selling orphans through her non profit organization named Ithuteng. She is also the mother of Jub Jub and his two siblings. Masechaba boldly indicated that he was her boyfriend at the time and she was still a virgin (just like Amanda Du-Pont).

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These are very shocking revelation that were fueled by Jub Jub's narcissistic behavior when he attended the popular Podcast by MacG. He also accused his former lover and mother of his son Kelly Khumalo on using muthi on him which lured him away from Amanda. As it stands there hasn't been any statement that was issued out by him to slam the allegations.


It's evident that Jub Jub had an abusive past that is now hunting him. His mother Jackie Maarohanye has also made headlines after more light was shed into her shady past. Based on reports, Jackie ran an illegal orphanage that mistreated children and defrauded millions from the world's popular celebrities including Oprah Winfrey. We cannot conclude that indeed these allegations are true but we must not turn a blind eye on this. As men, it's our responsibility to protect children and women - not to subject them to vicious abuse.

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