Beautiful TV presenter whose marriage lasted for only 59 days

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Inooro TV presenter and gospel singer Rose Winnie Wangui regrets how her marriage lasted for only 59 days. She even regrets why she did a church wedding because her marriage failed to work.

In an interview, Winnie narrates how her wedding preparations had alot of issues. She sat down with her husband to try to solve the issues but it was not amicably done.

She narrated how her husband left her while she was pregnant. Life became too hard until she decided to take a few friends who could understand her. She also says that they were meant not to be together by her husband that is why they never made it marriage.

Although she declined to say what made them to divorce, but she says the husband married and the baby they had with the other wife was almost the same age with her baby.

Despite all the challenges she went through, she went to maternity in a private ward and went through surgery successfully. She even signed the firms alone and gave her mother's contacts during the surgery. She now correctly has a charity organisation that is helping single mothers to raise their kids.

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