Rising From A House Girl To Making Millions In Gikomba And Driving An Expensive Double Cabin (Video)


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In an inspiring story covered by Lynn Ngugi on Tuko Youtube Channel, she interviewed a mother of 3 identified as Purity Wambui who shared her heartwarming life story of rising from a house help to becoming one of the most successful businesswomen in Gikomba. Purity was born and bred in Meru county by a single mother who used to brew Chang'aa to provide for her kids. Due to the abject poverty at home, Purity started hustling at a young age to support her mother in raising the school fees for her secondary education.[Photo courtesy]

After finishing high school she could not proceed to college due to lack of fees and this meant that she had to look for any job. Her search landed her in Nairobi where she worked as a house help for a year as she saved enough money to start her small business venture in Gikomba. After working for about 8 years in Gikomba, her business suffered a major setback forcing her to rethink her business model. Circumstances forced her to purchase clothes in Eastleigh and she proceeded to Sudan in search of greener pastures hawking clothes door to door.[Photo courtesy]

Business in Sudan was not so good and this forced her to return to Gikomba to give it a try for the second time by selling shoes. The following 3 years business was good and she made around Ksh 3.5 Million in profit but disaster struck her business after a fire razed down a section of Gikomba burning down her stock. This left Purity and her family with nothing as all the money they had accumulated from 2002 to 2015 went up in smokes.

The following weeks she met her guardian angel who helped up to bounce back on her feet and after an industrious one year selling bales in wholesale her annual turnover was about Ksh 150 Million. Her guardian angel enabled her to rise from a small vendor to a wholesaler who imports bales in containers making her one of the biggest mitumba bale suppliers in Gikomba. Additionally, she also operates many thrift shops in the outskirts of Nairobi.[Photo courtesy: Purity with her employees]

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