If you have 3 lines on your palm instead of 4 here is what it means

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It indicates something different if you have three lines on your hand instead of four.

Throughout this essay, I'll explain why some people have three thick lines and others have four, as well as what the lines represent and what they symbolize.

In this article, we will provide you with some basic information on each line without going into too much depth about each line. Even if your individual hand lines may differ from what I have chosen to discuss in this article, I believe that the explanations that follow will provide you with a solid foundation in palm reading.

Keep this in mind as a basic rule that will assist you in interpreting hand lines. The most fundamental technique to comprehend palm reading is to look at the four primary lines that appear on every hand. With each passing year, the lines on your hand vary, reflecting the changes that occur in your life.

Take a photo of your hand in the daylight to keep track of the changes from one year to the next. While a number of lines are likely to pass through your palms, it is the following four that professional readers pay the most attention to.

Heart Line: The line above is the heart line, which represents things of the heart, and the deeper the lines, the greater the depth of the heart's affection and anguish. 

Heart line: The heart line is represented by the lines above. If you have a split end to your heart line, you will always be on the fence about something.

Heart line: love and emotion, money line: career and fortune. Head line: intelligence and mentality, Marriage line: married life and relationships.



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