"Kali Sana", Kenyans React After This Type Of Creative Helmets Surfaced Online


Inorder to drive a risky machine on the road, one is always supposed to have a helmet that will protect his head incase an accident happens. This includes motorbikes, scooters, safary rally vehicles and other risky machines. This is because the head is a very critical part of the body that if tampered with during an accident, one may die easily.

Some photos have been posted online in a renown road safety facebook group known as Sikika and it has caused alot of reactions online. In the photo, a helmet is seen with an exact form of a human shaved head from the outside. What was even more amazing is that the helmet had simulated ears from the outside and nobody could think it is an helmet.(Photo| courtesy)

Kenyans reacted saying that the helmet is not a good one since it is a form of disturbing traffic police officers who are on the road to ensure motorists follow traffic rules. One even commented saying that police officers may follow your even upto mandera thinking that you are not wearing a helmet only to find that you have it. Others said that this is a high level of creativity and art.Below are some of the reactions:(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)(Source screenshot)

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