14 Ways To Slay As A Muslim Lady(Photos)

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Modesty is of great essence in Islam and it is primarily required of women. Modesty often misconceived as being oppressed is actually a beautiful thing and there's a lot of beauty and character in knowing what you possess and choosing not to put it all on display. For a long time, there was a notion that being modest meant dressing casually but thanks to the new trendy Muslim women for showing us a whole different side of the story.

With this new generation of modest-fashion-lovers, a whole new world of possibilities for how a Muslim woman can dress has opened up, and people are falling in love with it. While doing so, one can look pleasing to the sight, which can be done while remaining modest. Free-flowing skirts that reach the ankles and a long-sleeved shirt with a headscarf over it are ideal. Be it denim, a trendy kimono or even a stylish maxi dress, as a Muslim lady you can wear them all while still keeping with your religious believes.

Below are lovely ways you can look stunning and slay as a muslim lady.

1. Your regular skirt and blouse can be more stylish when you colour coordinate

2. Who says you can’t slay in a formal attire too

3. Simple but yet chic

4. A monochrome lover? Try this look

5. Rock a kimono looking trendy too

6. Even a regular shirt can look spunky with the right styling

7. You don’t have to stay away from denim either

8. Looking good in either black or white

9. Slaying regardless of the weather

10. Looking stylish in blazers11. You can opt for leather jacket and still look stunning

12. Pants are not left out of what you can try

13. Look smart if you can14. Animal print is also an optionPhoto credit: Instagram

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