Chelsea Will be using their best line up against Westham

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Chelsea are preparing to lift the EPL title this season,they have good and quality players who are young and ready to win trophies.The Blues are having the strongest defence unlike thier opponent Manchester city, Thiago Silva has played alot in defence and has experience to control and monitor his defence.

Romelu Lukaku, Christian Pulisic and Mason Tony Mount would start as striker's.They are aware that David Moyes will not spare them,they have to be strong to retain thier position,the Hammers have been so good this season they are in the top 5they want to play in the Champions league. The Blues have won major trophies and have confidence they can win more.

Hakim Ziyech has really shown good performance in the last 4 appearance Mathes,he won Man of the Match against Manchester United something that impressed Thomas Tuchel. Westham have prepared well knowing they will be playing champions,in order to secure points have brought their best super star.

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