"Hii Ni Mbaya" See What A Rogue Bus Driver Did To Another Motorist Along Ngara Road.

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Cases of carelessness and recklessness are on the rise on Kenyan roads. Many drivers and cyclists have become very arrogant while operating on the roads.

Drivers and cyclists are reported daily to violate the laid down traffic rules and regulations. This move by rogue motorists in different parts of Kenya is very bad and the traffic police should employ appropriate means of identifying such drivers and discipline them effectively as stated by NTSA laws.

According to report by Ma3Route today, a reckless bus driver almost hit another motorist twice. The bus had a number plate of the registration number KDA 403A. "Hi admin, the of this vehicle is so reckless he almost hit me twice this morning at Ngara and at Koja, please highlight if you can."

Drivers and motorists in general should be very cautious while using the road. They should also obey traffic laws to help curb frequently observed accident cases on Kenyan roads.

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