Liposuction: Meet 8 Nigeria Celebrities That Went Under The Knife To Look Liposuction: Meet 8 Nigeria Celebrities That Went Under The Knife To Look Stunningly Gorgeous.


In the world today, cosmetic surgery is one of the most thriving business for doctors that specializes in them, this is because, people can spend anything to look good. Liposuction is one aspect in cosmetic surgery that thrived the most. In Nigeria today, a lot of big girls in the society, celebrities and influencers undergo plastic surgery especially liposuction to boost their popularity.

Liposuction is a procedure where fat are removed from a particular body part (stomach) and can be deposit into another body part (buttocks). Liposuction permanently remove fat cell from the body.

In Nigeria, the fashion goddess, models, actresses and social media influencers have adopted liposuction as a way of life, they believed is one of the prerequisites to slay. This ladies believed they can only achieve their desired body shape by undergoing cosmetic surgery such as Breast Enhancement (lift and reduce), Body contouring (liposuction and tummy Tuck), Face lift, eyelid lift, neck lift and brow lift. They so much believed this procedure enhances their beauty, they feel good about themselves, it also add to their confidence. This procedure makes them to be easily noticed in the public which is one of the reasons some go for the surgery. It also bring the kind of attention they crave for. Men are easily drawn to them. It also boost there inner self esteem. All this make people to undergo the procedure to achieve their dreams of becoming a perfect woman regardless of it's implications.

Those that go for liposuction are either not happy with some part of their body or the way they look, so they want to add more to their body.

Benefits of cosmetic surgery:

1. It improved physical health: those that undergo liposuction surgery have low risk of increase in high blood pressure, low risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

2. Enhances individual appearances: you use your money to buy want you want. Those that went for cosmetic surgery are not comfortable with some part of their body, so they change it to what they want.

3. It boost confidence and self esteem: cosmetic surgery does wonder to ones social life and mental health. When you have confidence in the way you look or appear, your life will be better and sweet.

4. Psychological Benefits: if you love how you look and you are comfortable with the way you look my dear you will socialize more, meet people. Those that don't like how they look or appear often struggle with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem but with cosmetic surgery those mental health struggle disappear.

The disadvantages of cosmetic surgery is that, atimes, you may not like the outcome of the procedure, example, those that went for a nose job but after the surgery, the nose is not what they like.

Pains after surgery, this leads to more surgery.

Death, some patient react with the anesthesia given to them before the surgery and this leads to complication.

But the facts still remains:, those that have achieved their desired shapes and sizes are more happy than those that struggles with how they look.

For me, if you have the money, do what makes you feel better, happy, boost your confidence, improves your self-esteem and most importantly add to your mental health.

Now lets see some of the celebrities who had undergone cosmetic surgery (liposuction) and are doing well in the industry.

1. Tonto Dikeh: she openly said she did it. She even released the video.

2. Ini Edo: her body is fire and she feels good about it.

3. Toke Makinwa: when you see her lifestyle, you will know she appreciates her body.

4. Caroline Danjuma: she did liposuction and breast implants. Don't she looks beautiful than before? Check her out.

5. Nengi Rebecca Hampson: Nengi is sure living her life, her curves are fire if you get too close it will burn you. She openly said she did liposuction to boost her confidence. It really built her confidence overflow.

6. Rukky Sanda: from straight to curve, isn't God wonderful.

6. Onyi Alex: Nollywood diva.

7. Mercy Eke: mercy Lambo, see the Lamborghini on her back now.

In all this, some are not so lucky; see the unlucky ones:

1. Stella Obasonjo: she was the wife of formal president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasonjo. She died few days to her 60th birthday while she was undergoing elective liposuction surgery in Spain.

2. Nneka Onwuzuligbo: one time beauty queen. She died from buttocks enlargement operation, fat had mistakingly entered her lungs. She was in a coma for few months before she died.

3. Keneibi Okoko: he was a billionaire and a politician, who was a People Democracy Party( PDP) governorship aspirant in 2019. He dies at the age of 42 after undergoing a liposuction surgery in Lagos due to power outage, the back up generator refused to start. He reportedly died on the theater room. I wonder why he chooses Lagos to do the surgery, he is a billionaire for crying out loud. Am not saying Nigeria doctors are not trying o. People also die in overseas.

4. Abimbola Ajoke Bamgbose: she was 38, she died in Turkey after having liposuction surgery. Her husband said, she was tired of people constantly asking her if she was pregnant. Her post mortem examination indicates she had a perforated bowel and her death was caused by multiple organ failure as a result of complication of liposuction surgery.

Now you can weight your options, but if you are not satisfied with the way you look, you have the money, my dear go for what makes you happy.


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