Top Marketable Diploma Courses In Kenya


Diploma is a program offered in various universities and colleges, which takes around two to three years of study. Those candidates who fail to score the minimum entry grade , are also eligible to apply for the courses under this level. For the purposes of ensuring that every interested Kenyan citizen enjoys freedom of free education, the ministry ensures that even these students get sponsored by the government just like the others and still receive the helb loan every semester. 

Therefore, there are some of the best courses that one can pursue , as directed by the kuccps placement board. These include;

1. Sales and marketing

It's much related to businesses , where students get to know how to attract customers attention through advertising, promotions, samples and after sale services. They run campaigns even in road shows to make market awareness for big and small company brands, products, grading strategies, packaging and pricing. 

E commerce has made it possible for marketers to work from home through the digitalized environments, by providing websites, apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page, where you are free to place and run adverts in form of ads. Other entities like Jumia, Glovo ,Amazon and Killi mall do everything online including purchases and payments then offer door to door delivery. Employs affiliates who do sales on commission per client. 

2. Quantity surveying

Entails use of expertise knowledge in determining the costs and contracts for certain construction industries. Manages building jobs from the beginning to completion, ensuring that the set budget doesn't exceed the available resources. Requires good numeracy skills and estimations. Should work close to architects and engineers inorder to give the right structure formation and required capital. 

3. Food and beverage production

Catering takes the large part of it, as well as hospitality and accommodation. Concerned with preparing meals and drink processing in hotels or establishing bakeries to make wheat products. Lecturers need to give close supervision to the aspirants, to produce a quality workforce after school. You can work as a waiter or chef , depending on the specialization area. Gives a chance for self employment , where you can own a restaurant and a fruit juice factory too. 

These three are the best ones, which guarantee a favourable job market and most demanded in private sectors.