Kenyans urge Netflix to hire the Dj Afro

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Since Netflix announced its operation in the country, kenyans have since been elated to have homegrown talents in international spheres. One talent being pushed for to join Netflix is super talented Dj Afro.

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Dj Afro has been bringing joy to Kenyan homes for years now and some people feel it's time he's given a bigger platform to showcase his talent. Kenyans have been mounting pressure on the media company through twitter of the company to hire him. This is in a reaction to a trailer shared by Netflix of introduction of a DJ in their movies.

Calvin: Someone should tell Netflix Kenya our favorite dj is Dj Afro.

Kenneth Mwenda: No DJ Afro Amigos No peace! The guy made our childhood days bana.

Jackson: If Netflix Kenya wants to get something out of Kenya walete DJ Afro

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