Top 8 Braid Styles for Black Women

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Braided hairstyles are always the best option when dealing with natural black hair. 

They are one of the most popular hairstyles for black women because they are protective and allow natural-haired women to try out different styles.

It's difficult to decide which black braided hairstyles are worth trying because there are so many amazing varieties and strategies for achieving them.

From box braids to cornrows, goddess braids, and everything in between, there is bound to be a black braided hairstyle here that you'll want to try next, regardless of your hair type or length.

Scroll down to see the best-braided hairstyles for black women.

Braided Bantu Knots.

If you like Bantu knots, this braided style will give you the motivation you need to try something new. 

When you have box braids, cornrows, or twists installed, you can create this cute style.

Wavy Knotless Braids.

Have you heard of knotless braids? They're a great alternative to box braids and cause less stress on the scalp because they're fixed differently.

Side Braid.

What is it about side braids that you don't like? They're perfect for any occasion and are simple to make with braided hair extensions.

Jumbo Twists.

Are you a fan of these big twists as well? Then keep this picture for your next hair visit.

Box Braids.

This popular protective box braid hairstyle is popular among celebrities, who frequently flaunt it in a variety of styles.

Double Dutch Braids.

Make these simple double Dutch braids your go-to look whether you're going to the gym or the beach.

Double Dutch Curly Braids.

Chunky Braids.

The better the hairstyle, the bigger the braid! This chunky, middle-parted plait style is bound to get you noticed.

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