NOPEU Party Secretary General Gifts Embarambamba Ksh.16000 For Construction Of His Rural Home

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Nopeu is a term derived from kimeru vernacular language which means 'go away' but in this case we focus our attention to it as a registered political party in Kenya that focuses on motivation of the youths in pursuit of achieving their goals. The National Ordinary People Empowerment Union Party is abbreviated as NOPEU.

[Photo|Courtesy] Gospel artist Chris Embarambamba and NOPEU secretary general

Rodgers Kipembe who is the party's secretary general has met the dramatic gusii musician and out of good will, he has given Chris Embarambamba sixteen kenya shillings for the purchase of enough iron sheets and window panes which will cater for complete construction of his house at Keroka village in Kisii county.

Here is a screenshot of NOPEU's tweet

Below are some of the comments from kenyans concerning the generous act by Rodgers Kipembe.

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