Connie Ferguson's husband's outfit causes a stir with his fans.

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We have only few black owned businesses and it is raw find the owner being humble to their employees. Finding a boss that genuinely cares about their stuff is something else. That's why blessing fall on such people constantly. Being kind to people doesn't mean they will disrespect you.

Shona Ferguson is one of Mzansi's biggest television bosses. The actor and producer owns Ferguson Films along with his beautiful wife Connie, who is also an actress and businesswoman. Shona goes everything right, including being her husband. We saw him buying her an Aston Martin om her 51st birthday.

The actor shared a very elegant picture of himself wearing a black camouflage outfit. His fans were impressed with the look. As always the picture was taken by his daughter but this time it was the eldest one. We are not surprised that the outfit suits him, we know he never disappoints. 

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