Hold Your Horse;Ongwae To Simba Arati

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Kisii county Senator Prof Sam Ongeri,has said that he will cling to God in his quest for gubernatorial seat.The senator who spoke at his Gesusus home during a prayer meeting,told off those who called him a pretender."I believe in God and call upon other politicians to revere him and the church.He reiterated that the church is a holy symbol of the presence God on earth.photo:Senator Ongeri

The senator appealed to the public not to perceive ODM as a violent party."Our party leader Raila Odinga is a peace loving man, let some members in the party not mar his image."He said.photo:Raila and Ongeri.

The prayer ceremony was attended by Kisii county governor James Ongwae and many Pastors from across the county.On his part,Ongwae took a swipe at young politicians who he said,thought they could turn the world new.'There is nothing unique in this world,let our youth politicians hold their horses'He said.

Political pundits said that the meeting was held in the curtain of prayers but it was meant to score some grudge with those perceived political enemies.They asked politicians to avoid churches to propagate their poitical agenda."Let our politicians stop antagonizing the church.'Said George Rosana.

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