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Every battle is now under your feet, when you see the devil fighting a lot, it shows you are going higher and higher.

The devil does not fight stagnant people but he fights those who are going higher and higher.

If you always occupy your position as a Christian, nothing will come against you, the Lord is with you. Have a relationship with Almighty.

devil can swallow you but cannot swallow the purpose of God for your life.

You will not come out empty handed where you are, you will have something. When the enemy comes like a flood, God raises a standard, you are being prepared by God.

As i am writing this article i know many children on God are faced with afflictions and they start to wonder if God is there or not. He walks with you on every journey all you have to do is have faith because He will appear at the appointed time.

You are a sign, understand that God sent you.

You can have faith in God but without a sign it is not easy to have your faith grow. To understand we are moving forward we must be sent with a sign.

Matthew 2: 13-14, 19-23

When you are born again no one knows where you come from and where you are going because you have a spirit of excellency.

Genesis 3: 14

God knows what we want but first we must seek the kingdom and His righteousness John 3: 3

To see the Kingdom of God we must be born again/ born of water and spirit.

If you are afflicted God is not happy.

The things that God permitted in your life cannot destroy you.

Affliction is important in our lives.

Affliction brings us closer to God.

The more you want God to use you, the more the afflictions.

Afflictions and persecution are a special school.

Some problems needs prayer, some they dont His grace is sufficient.

We 'll find pasture on the journey of affliction.

Affliction is very rare, there's pasture in it.

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