I Got Married 5 Years Ago But My Husband Infected Me And Our 4yr-old Son With HIV –Wife Cries Out

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It is alarming the rate at which men who are married are cheating on their respective Wives. It is supposed be that after marriage a man should be more responsible but it seems it does not work that way any more these days.

A woman who is identified as Chiamaka has revealed to Maria Ude Nwachi in her inbox that she and her 4-year-old son are suffering from Aids. The woman said that she got married last five years ago. 

While in the Marriage she discovered that her husband is a cheat. Her husband has many girlfriends whom he sleeps with. The wife advised her to stop cheating on her but no avail. She advised her to use protection when sleeping with them but he didn't heed her advice.

The husband consequently contacted HIV. Till today he doesn't know who infected him among the girls. 

The woman has said because of his HIV positive status the husband has infected her and her only son who is 4year old. They are are full aids Patients. They are now subjected to the daily routine of anti retrovirus drugs to live Longer life. According to the woman it makes her more troubled taking the drugs with her husband because she warned him earlier but he refused.

The woman is saying that there are many other women who are in her shoes for one terrible disease or the other caused by their husbands.

The question is what could be the solution to a cheating husband? When your husband is cheating, work hard to get engrossed with him and pray for him. Be patient as well while seeking solution. With God all things are possible.

Marriage is defined as the union between two people who are woman and man respectively. When a person is married he or she is expected to be faithful to their partners. Most at times the reverse is the case.

Her fans reacted on her post and here are some screenshot of their comments I was able to gathered.

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