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The country today is now shocked to discover the wonders of the grade 8 learner who found a bag of R40 million outside her home. It is said that the grade 8 learner from a sinamarena secondary school was welcomed by the bag full of money which was very surprising to her eyes. It is alleged that the money could have been dropped by one of the robbers who were reported to have robbed a Somalian business around the neighborhood.

This is because the bag had contained a lot of money that the grade 8 learner should have used to her advantage. This is because we are now living in a country that has a problem of high unemployment rate among the youth as they are still looking for a job that meets their qualification.

The girl who found a bag of R40 million has been receiving praise as some of them think she should have used the money for something else. This is because money is needed by the people of South Africa as people need money to buy whatever they want.

The policemen were very pleased to see that a grade 8 learner could do something like this as it is very not normal for someone of her age will pick up a bag of money and take it to the police. She was then awarded a good citizenship certificate as she showed how brave she is. Even the country is still battling with a lot of things as workers are been permanently suspended every day as a result of poor economic performance and poor business revenue due to the pandemic.

People are now shaming her for not using her creative thinking as the R40 million could have been used for something better. This can include investing the money for her future studies and also using it for the benefit to receive money every month when invested in a company.

Some people are continuing to thank her kindness towards taking the money to the police as some blame her for giving the R40 million to the police. This is because it is alleged that the money that she sent to the police, is going to be shared by the police officers and this is where corruption begins.

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