4 Ways To Connect With A Lady


Peradventure, you might have been wondering why it's so difficult for you to easily connect with a lady you cherish and admire, I'm here to gladly announce to you that connections don't just happen if you don't take your time to understand what a lady wants to hear at a particular time and in a particular weather condition. 

Before you'd be able to connect with that lady in your street or at your workplace or in your compound, you need to know when and how she would like to listen to you. I mean, you can't just meet with a la#y under a sunny cloud and expect she would respond well or nicely, you should be expecting a savage or a cold response because she expects you to realize that the weather is not favorably enough for such conversation at that particular time.

Hence, in this article, I will be showing us 4 ways to connect with a lady and you'll get the response you expected.

1. Pay her a visit 

A lady would only pay attention to whatever you've to say or to whoever appears frequently. When you visit her and you appear serious, it is an edge ahead. You might be able to connect with her and except the response you desire. 

Visit her and in doing that try as much as possible to express your intention and interest in her.

2. Respond to her statuses.

When you see her post a status on her social media status or timeline, try as much as possible to respond to her status, and in doing that, make sure you sound in a very sweet manner and not in a harsh manner. That way you might be able to connect with her easily. Once you notice a flow in her response, then you can make your intentions known to her.

3. Call her.

When your calls appear most frequently, a lady would automatically know what you want, and if she is willing to give it a chance she would always pick up your call. So it's a win-win game. You have to keep trying until she picks your call. 

4. Text her. 

When you text a lady, she might probably like your lines. In texting a lady, choose your words carefully. Don't soothe-talk her. Make your intentions known and try to appreciate what you admire in her, this way you might be able to connect with her.

Read again. Have a nice day.

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