The Youth Revolution



Since when did the youths become redundant in the labor economy of Mother Ghana? Were we, not the same youths who bulldozed in constructing the foundation trench of Mother Ghana? But why do the gerontocratic of today label us as lazy youths? In our last days of battle against foreign rule, didn't we the youths use our bodies and flesh as ammunition and Shields against the maxim gun? Didn't we slay off the gunner of the maxim gun and defaced Sir Charles McCarthy beyond recognition?

When did we suddenly become sluggish? Out of loyalty, we dedicated our energies to the quest for independence with the hope that when mother Ghana becomes self-independent, we will have the opportunity to make a living and live a dignified life.

As the saying goes "give the dog a bad name and kill it" so are our gerontocratic leaders, clothed in aristocratic governance label the youths as "lazy". Those who are supposed to be creators of opportunities for the youth are rather impediments to youths' opportunities. But let those be told that the youths never slept during and before the struggle for independence and will never sleep until we ( the youths) succeed in creating our befitting society and economy. Let the gerontocratic and aristocratic be creators and managers of the paper economy, we (the youths) will be the creators and managers of the electronic economy ( paperless economy). Let them be inventors of currency, we will decide which world's currency to trade with. Or should I remind them that we invented Bitcoin when they ceased us ( the youths) from Western Union Money transaction? Let them also cease Bitcoin, we will invent the unthinkable.

We will not use guns and ammunition to resist power, but we will use intelligence to check and cease power. Let me state that we mean no harm but a reckoning. Let those who have minds ponder. Peace!!! I mean peace!!!


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