Before you sleep read these 3 powerful Psalms for God's protection


The night has needed you to rest. However, before you rest, if it's not all that much difficulty read these 3 unbelievable petitions for God's excellence and protection from the guileful ones. 

I articulate that you will rest and awaken protected and disconnected this night for Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 

As of now read the underneath petitions for God's security. 

1. Psaml 41:2 

"The Lord will guarantee him and keep him alive, and he will be called respected upon the earth; And don't give him over to the aching of his enemies." 

Attestations: The Lord will guarantee you and your family. You will be favor upon the earth for Jesus Christ. May the needs of the adversaries against you miss the mark for sacrosanct ghost. 

2. Psaml 54:4 

"View, God is my accomplice; The Lord is the sustainer of my soul." 

Confirmations: The Lord will be your help. He will uphold you this evening and unendingly in Jesus name. 

3. "The Lord will screen your going out and your rolling in from this time forward and until the cows come home." 

Attestations: The Lord will send his favored couriers to oversee you from the soonest beginning stage of this night to the end. I moreover declare that God will watch your voyaging all over out for Jesus Christ. 

Finally, I estimates that no weapon plan against you will flourish in your life and your family for glorious ghost. 

If you determinedly have confidence in these petitions, type Amen and offer these requests to others disciples. 

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