Popular International Artists That Were Once Rumored To Have Joined The Illuminati Society.

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This article is a listicle of few international artists who are loved by people worldwide and they perform good music. Basically, there has been a conspiracy revealing that these artists involved themselves with the illuminati society for the sake of fame and selling their music. I'm going to use pictures as evidence of the conspiracy themes concerning these artist.

1) Jay Z and his wife Beyonce- These are one of the well known artists worldwide and they have a 9years old baby girl called Blue Ivy. Jay Z is well known for his hand label of a diamond and most of the items from his label have that mark too which people claim is an illuminati sign. According to many who have known much about the couple, they same their daughter's name blue Ivy is an acronym of 'Born Living Under Evil' and that they are deep into that society.

2) Rihanna- Rihanna often uses pyramid/triangle symbols in her music and also hides one eye in photos which people say are symbols of illuminati. In her S&M music videos, there was a headline referring to Rihanna as the princess of the illuminati. In an interview, the artist confirmed to be in the society but later on used her page to say that she was kidding.

3) Justin Bieber- Conspiracy theory reveal that Justin Bieber was a deep member of the society and he died in a car crush. People say that the current Bieber is a clown and was replaced after the death of the original artist. Also, he has tattoo on his hand which has that eye that is used by members deep in that society.

4) Britney Spears- The artist started as Disney Child star which is a crew that is said to be illuminati to the core. One of her films called Fantasy twist was used as base program for new illuminati crew.

5) Kanye West- The artist has been pictured with a huge chain with a horse symbol and Egyptian themes in his music videos a clear indicator that he is into the society. At one point while performing on stage, Kanye revealed that he sold his soul and he's happy about it.

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