Proud Achievement: John Mahama lands on his Ho Airport for the first time.


Among the best of infrastructure development for any nation is the provision of International Airport. It is the first point of entry to any country or City once a traveler goes by air, and it is the first place that serve as a natural tourist site which gives a first-hand impression of the country

John Dramani Mahama, Ghana's former President would go down in the history books as being able to provide such a monumental edifice for his country during his time as the first gentleman of the land. John Mahama, for the first time has landed at the Ho Airport and deservedly moves about to admire his handy work. 

In a photograph sighted by this author, the proud Mahama was seen taking a walk round the Airport to have a feel of how the Airport had been furnished. 

Ho Airport is a regional airport built to serve Ho in the Volta Region of Ghana. Construction was completed in 2017, although the airport was not opened to commercial traffic until 2021.

John Mahama started the construction of the facility in 2015 at an estimated cost of $25 million. This was to open up that part of the country through the use of air travel. 

John Mahama simply has the appetite for such magnificent structures that gives the country a befitting international and local respect. The Kotoka International Airport for instance had to be blessed by JM's golden touch when the Terminal-3 was constructed. 

So yesterday, when he landed at the airport, he had to inhale a breath of relief and admired briefly this wonderful accomplishment. For God and country, he did his part. 

Seeing him at the airport was worth mentioning. We must begin to give credit where it is due. Kudos to John Mahama.


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