'My Husband Is So Obsessed With Our Baby Girl.' Vera Sidika Continues To Shower Praises To Brown.

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Vera Sidika is one of the Socialite Celebrity who has a tendency of trying to portray her life as that of a perfect human being. Vera Sidika loves praises from people but hates it when she is told the truth. Once you fail to praise Vera and write a contrary opinion on her wall she will definitely block you.

Vera Sidika recently gave birth to a girl called Princess Asia. However Vera Sidika has not showed her daughter's face to the public. Most of Vera's fans feel that Vera's child must be black and that is why Vera is afraid of being trolled on the media.

Vera only continues to shower praises of hoe supportive and caring her husband Brown is. In fact Vera has said that if you think she is obsessed with her daughter then you are wrong. Vera Sidika revealed the person obsessed with Asia is Brown who loves giving kisses and hugs to his baby all day. In fact Vera said that since Asia came she feels like an intruder in her own home. See Screenshots of Vera's post below.

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