If you want your relationship to lead to marriage, do these 5 things.

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Many conditions must be met before a relationship may go to marriage. Almost no one gets married these days because most relationships end too soon. If you want your relationship to go to marriage, try these 5 tips. They'll work wonders.

1. Assist one another

Finding a cooperative partner is advantageous to everyone. By helping one another, you'll be motivated to go further in your life. Ask yourself this: Would you not want to marry someone who could help you? If you want your courtship to go to marriage, be encouraging and helpful.

2. Build together

The difference between building something on your own and building with a partner is night and day. As difficult as the preceding scenario is, the final one presented here may be a lighthearted way to spend the time. In the same way that spouses who reach an agreement on something are also partners in building,

3. Making decisions as a group.

Feelings alone will not lead to marriage if you go on dates based on them. Feelings aren't a good indicator of how much you adore your mate because they are subjective. The yardstick is to make a choice and stick to it, no matter what difficulties or problems you face along the route.

4. Integrity. ​

A marriage will never be founded on dishonesty in a relationship."

To have a successful partnership, two people must be honest with each other.

When you're open and honest with your female partner, she'll be more accepting of you for who you are. Marriage is the next step in a relationship if both parties are legitimate with one another.

5.Pray together as a group.

Praying couples are more likely to stay together. Marriage is more likely to occur in relationships built on prayer.

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