"Ako Na Kiherehere" Stivo Simple Boy Denounces Huddah As He Reveals His Celebrity Crush

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Kibera based rapper Stivo Simple Boy has been lately on the headlines following his recently released song 'Freshi Barida' that has somehow hit the Kenyan airwaves. Well, the 'Mihadarati' hit maker has been receiving lots of invites from various media stations who get to conduct showbiz interviews with him. In an exclusive interview with Mpasho news yesterday, Stivo greatly excited Kenyans after a confession that he made amid their conversation.

Apparently, Stivo Simple Boy was asked to choose any female celebrity whom he could date amongst Amberay, Huddah and socialite Zari of Uganda. Calmly responding to the question, the rapper immediately denounced Kenyan socialite Huddah as he termed her as an impertinent person.

"Huddah siwezi mwoa, huyo ako na kiherere." He stated.

The 'Glory' hit maker however confessed that socialites Amberay and Zari were better deals for him and he could probably consider them. Well, netizens are currently waiting for Huddah's reactions over Stivo's remarks. How would you rate Stivo Simple Boy's judgement out of 10? Share your opinions on the comment section.

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