How God's grace can help you when darkness takes hold of your life.

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If you talk of the "hour of darkness," you're talking of the moments and periods in which good things begin to fall apart. You're dealing with the day of darkness. The time in which the prince of darkness invaded your life to bring down that which you have built and cut short your expectations. 

On the other hand, the power of darkness is the hold or control the prince of darkness is having in your life. This is the extent to which the devil can operate in your life. This is dealing with an agent, demon entity, character or attitude. 

The hour and power of darkness were and are not the intended desire and decision of God for man on earth. They gained their way through Lucifer and established their reign on earth through man. The strength of darkness is in sin. When man sinned, darkness gained a stronghold on earth (Man, because he was taken from the earth, and other creatures). The fall of man even subjected the entire world under the control or power of darkness. 

Darkness is domineering, territorial and a thief. The Prince of darkness always creep into what and where is light. Darkness destroys. Darkness casts fear upon its territory and victim. Darkness discourages. Darkness covers or blindfolds. Darkness frustrates. Darkness is death. Darkness has power but the light of God is authority. LIGHT is life, freedom, relief, joy, liberty, prosperity. Light is God. 

During creation, darkness tried to exercise his power over light. Genesis 1:2-3. God exercised His authority over the power of darkness. The statement, "And there was light" means. " And there was God." In other words, light is a prove of God's full existence. 

God showed us that so long as we're on earth with the prince of darkness, he will try to have his power over us but we should exercise His authority. What power doesn't understand is authority. John 1:4-5,12.

To everyone born on earth, there are times and seasons the prince of darkness will take you through, or bring your way. The patriarchs of God went through it. The early saints of the Church went through it. But the amazing thing about all these saints of God who experienced darkness was that they lived, survived, thrived and fulfilled purpose. 

Isaiah 60 has it all. When the hour of darkness comes, we don't have to sit down apparently unconcerned; thinking that "whatever will be will be." We need to wake up and shine. Jesus got to this point. He was pressed and bruised. He said "My Soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death." Mark 14:34

Jesus got there, and He prayed. This was the moment He wished He never got to. He prayed that it would pass Him by. But His Father didn't answer that.

In the hour of darkness, the Father didn't listen to the Son. In the hour of darkness, your sweat pores give way for your blood vessels to operate through (Luke 22:44). Yet, the Father was silent. He had to go through to breakthrough. Sometimes we need that moment to ascertain a miracle or something purposeful or to learn. They couldn't have laid hands on Jesus except that the hour of darkness was at hand. 

St. John 18:4 Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth, and said unto them, Whom seek ye?

St. John 18:5 They answered him, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus saith unto them, I am he. And Judas also, which betrayed him, stood with them.

St. John 18:6 As soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, they went backward, and fell to the ground.

whenever you make enquiry from God and He's saying nothing, go back to refer to what He's said before. Refer to the original plan and blueprint. Jesus said, Thy Will be done. David was anointed but he had to defeat Goliath, go back to the wilderness again and go through three other anointing ceremonies before ascending the throne. 

Jesus wasn't answered as we expected. But Grace was given Him. He was equipped with strength to bear that period and come out successful. 

In the moment of darkness, don't seize living the life God gave you. Live your purpose. David moved through the wilderness as the anointed King of Israel. Abraham was Father of all nations and yet was fatherless. Arise and not faint but shine. Jesus rose from the unanswered prayer to continue a miracle of healing Malchus ear -John 18:10; Luke 22:50-51

The grace God gives through prayer during moments of darkness sometimes come as a relief in your spirit, strength within, revelation, wisdom, encouragement, inspiration, joy in the Spirit. Jesus received such Graces as the Father sent an Angel to come and minister to Him.

St. Luke 22:43 And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.

Prayer points

1. Father, release upon me Grace for every season of darkness in Jesus Name.

2. O Lord, let your will be done in any dark season I find myself in Jesus name.

3. My Father my maker, let my spirit and soul be activated by the power of the Holy Spirit through your word. I have receive it in Jesus mighty name.

4. O Lord, I declare, Let there be light in every moment of darkness around me in Jesus Name.

5. O Lord, as I pray, I command every hold (power) of the prince of darkness over my life, ministry, destiny, marriage, spouse, children, business, finances, helpers to be broken right now by the Blood of Jesus.

6. O Lord, by the Blood of Jesus, I call forth all my blessings captured in darkness to manifest to me in Jesus Name.

7. By the authority of God, I command every damage the prince of darkness has caused in my life to be healed now in Jesus mighty Name.

8. O Lord, shine through me. Manifest Your Glory through me that all will see and glorify God.

9. Pray for Angelic ministration. Ask the Lord to send His Angels to minister to your life.

Thank the Lord and bless His name.

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