'' I Beg All Unemployed Graduates Out There. I Was Not Talking To You "~ Shatta Wale.


Shatta Wale, the self-proclaimed dancehall king, has come under fire for declaring that the problem in Ghana is the youth, and that we can't stand up and fight for our rights as citizens. Many of his supporters were enraged by the situation. In videos, some people can be seen removing stickers of him from their possession. Shatta Wale clarified things in a live video:

"Good evening, everyone; I just wanted to express my condolences to the families of those killed in Ejura." We don't want anything like this to happen in Ghana. Let me get right to the point and explain why I decided to make this video. I was also impacted by the recent rain, to the point where my automobiles were swept away by the river, and they were all ruined. I have video footage to show you."

"People who speak large English, like the guy in my inbox, intimidate me greatly. If you speak English well, you might be able to convince me to hire you as my letter writer; at the very least, you'll have something tiny in your pocket to satisfy your thirst. People from the ghetto who can write large grammar to speak for us. And if I'm trying to explain something to you and you don't get it, perhaps another apology I can extend to unemployed graduates is that, please understand, I wasn't talking to you. Because I don't know you, you could be a graduate of a particular institution, and I can't attack you because I don't know who you are."

"I know a lot of people think I'm crazy, and some even think I have grease in my head, so I just say things without thinking." Anyone who attended Winneba Secondary School can attest to the fact that I was a poor student in school. Exam results ranged between 1% and 4%. Music, social studies, and English were the only subjects in which I excelled. My father is aware that I selected my life. I told him that school would not help me. So, if you can write good English like this to influence some of us who are hustling on the street... I don't blame you because Ghanaian music has made all of this possible."

"Some of you claim that I am denigrating educated fools, graduates, and others. I'm not sure what that guy in my inbox was trying to tell me. Because you are one of my admirers, if you can speak fine English like this, come to me and get yourself hired as my spokesman. You enticed me to talk, and now I'm in hot water with a number of individuals.

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