A Man Beats His Wife And Four Children To Death

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A middle-aged man in Kirinyaga county is currently in police custody for allegedly stabbing his wife 6 times to death before cutting his four children using an ax when caught in bed with his firstborn daughter.

The reviews imply the alleged daughter, believed to be pals with the father, has been having an affair with this guy a few times, however, that became their unfortunate day whilst stuck red-passed withinside the matrimonial mattress on that specific morning.

The spouse stated he changed into constantly getting suspicious of her husband, and he determined to screen her movements, specifically at some stage in that day.

She lied to her that he won’t be to be had on that day considering that her boss had given her a variety of work, however she changed into simply placing a lure for him after suspecting that he became dishonest with her daughter.

The sexually starved guy shamelessly delivered his daughter to their matrimonial mattress, wondering that his spouse turned away for work.

After occasionally, the spouse became tipped through a few humans that they have got noticed her husband together along with her daughter in matrimonial mattress.

Fuming with anger, the spouse left the day sports and lower back home, wherein she busts her husband sighted together along with his daughter, committing the adulterous act in matrimonial mattress.

The livid husband beats the spouse mercilessly to dying earlier than stabbing his 4 kids with the usage of an ax.

The sufferers had been rushed to hospital, however, unfortunately, they were d away at the manner because of immoderate bleeding and intense injuries.

Confirming the incident, a police commander in his statements to media stated the suspect has been arrested and brought into police custody, wherein he awaits to be arraigned in the courtroom docket as soon as the research is complete.

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