"The Moment of Changing The Narrative Has Arrived" DP Ruto Declares

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Deputy President William Ruto Extended his political hunt coverage as he hosted leaders from Machakos today at his residence in Karen. He requested to spread the voice of the "hustler" campaign.

The Deputy President told the leaders that the time for the voice of hustlers to be heard has come. He also urged them to make genuine political decisions that benefit the mwananchi.

The DP Ruto has been selling his economic model of the bottom-up model which he has confidence that can revive the economy of this country. He has been also criticizing the politics based on tribalism and meetings of wealthy people who despise the local mwanachi.

He also shared that how Kenyans want a leader with a plan. A leader for all Kenyans not for specific tribes who will not solve the problems facing Kenya. He went to say that the ordinary People of Kenya can also decide the leaders who will lead them.

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