Check Out The Mansion Where Ababu Namwamba Resides(Photos)

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Ababu Namwamba is a very intelligent and experienced politician in Kenya. He is also calculative that has ensured that he always remain in government. Currently he is the chief administrative secretary in the ministry of foreign affairs.

Have you ever come across the mansion owned by the young politician. For sure the mansion indicates that his financial muscle is adequate enough to live in the palace of a three floor building. Inside the mansion is filled with modern sofas and classic interior designs.

Outside the mansion , a modern grass covers the field with nice trees to make the compound beautiful and attractive. Because Ababu likes the white colour, most of the building is painted white as he likes to wear white clothes.

Indeed these images shows how the politician lives a wealthy lifestyle because of his hardwork. He has a beautiful lovely family with two daughters and a son.

We wish him all the best in his endeavors.

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