Reactions As A Lady Shares Dress She Received From Seller After Ordering Online


A lady has come online to complain about how a vendor frustrated her shopping experience, giving her the opposite of what she ordered.

Many people responded to the tweet with hilarious comments, trying to downplay the emotional pain she went through.

We see a beautiful online cloth and we get that sweet butterfly feeling in our stomach. We 're starting to fantasize about having the product, how good it looks on us and all the photos we'll take with it (Instagram go hear am!) so we decide to order it online. But just wait and see! We are much more advanced than this.

We've heard tales of people purchasing items online just to get something entirely different!

Screenshot of Linet's post on Facebook

Friends reacted to Linet's post claiming that the dress is good but she did not order her size. They added that the dresses are same but the difference is on the sizes.

It was also speculated that the dress Linet ordered had alot of filters unlike what was delivered to her.

Often times, we see people complain on social medias about the items especially clothes and shoes they bought online. Though the pictures they normally share tends to be hilarious and funny, it's still not something anyone should experience.

just imagine ordering an outfit you needed for your next occasion only to find out a day or days before the event that the oufite isn't what you espected. I can't even imagine that because I will be so furious and disappointed. Thats why it's important that you stay away from some online shops to avoid being a victim of online purchase gone wrong.