Check out Irresistible Photos of Ghanaian singer who is the daughter of a" Maame water"


Today, in this article, I will be sharing with you the new Ghanaian singer whose mother is a Maame water.

Nyevile also known as Born star is a Ghanaian singer and a fashion designer. Although she has not yet release a hit song, she has produced some songs including "Oye normal" and many others.

Talking about how she became the daughter of a Maame water, Nyevile revealed that her mother had difficulties in giving birth and so she visited a priestess for help. Hold and behold her mother conceived but unfortunately, she was given to the sea God in return.

According to Nyevile, she was swept away by the sea for four days and upon her return, she had the powers to turn into a fish. Nyevile claim she sleeps in darkness and no body dares on the light. She revealed she mostly turn into fish and visit her family at the under sea world.

As it's said, ladies from the under sea world are very beautiful and every man can fall for them at first sight and Nyevile has proven that. Nyevile is very beautiful and aside her light skinned colour, she is Naturally endowed.

I guess you are eager to see the daughter of the see god who is a singer and so without wasting much time, let us check out some irresistible photos of Nyevile.

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