Instead Of Buying Bole By The Road Side, Let Me Show You Easy Steps To Prepare It Yourself

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Bole is a popular food in Nigeria, it is roasted plantain mostly sold by the road side or street corners with fish, groundnut or palm oil and peppered sauce.

It is unhygienic buying bole from the road side/street sellers considering the fact that it is expose in the open thereby making it easy for dirt to get in.

Aside the fact that it is unhygienic patronizing the road sellers, it will also help one save cost if you get to prepare it yourself at home, all you need is your plantain, ripe or unripe, a frying pan, gas cooker or stove and foil paper and a little palm oil.


1. Get your plantain ready by peeling it.

2. Make a slit on the plantain just like it is shown on the picture below.

3. Grease the open slit thoroughly with little palm oil, you can either use your finger or a spoon to grease. Whatever you choose to use, make sure it is well cleaned before usage.

4. Wrap diligently with a foil paper.

5. Place them in a pan.

6. Light your gas cooker or stove, and place the pan on fire, the fire should be on a very low heat.

8. Leave to heat for eleven minute then turn the bole on both sides to heat.

9. Unwrap the foil, serve your bole with fish, peppered sauce, groundnut or anything you wish.

Photo credit: How to cook all Nigerian food.

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