Chief Buthelezi Wants Prince Mbonisi To Face The Music For Misleading The Nation

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The traditional prime minister Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi wants Prince Mbonisi and his brothers, to be fined and tried before the traditional court for lying about the traditional hunt ceremony.

Shenge the traditional prime minister of the Zulu nation said that Prince Mbonisi and his brothers must appear before the traditional court, for doing the traditional hunt because they didn't have the permission to do that. Prince Mangosuthu was responding to a press conference that was held at Premier Hotel Mhlanga on Thursday which was called by Prince Mbonisi. Prince Mbonisi and his brothers accused Shenge of meddling in the affairs of the Zulu Royal family.

The accusations came after Shenge announced that the traditional hunt ceremony was going to take place this weekend. This is the last cleansing ceremony to mark the passing away of the late King Goodwill Zwelithini. The ceremony was led by King Misuzulu who is the reigning Zulu King. The traditional prime minister announced after the King ordered him to do so. Shenge said that if the brothers performed another traditional hunt ceremony they don't know about it. If the chief released the king's weapons as witnesses say, Mbonisi and his brothers should still be fined.

The prime minister said he will not be arguing with them but remind them of history. He revealed that his ancestor Ngqengelele Buthelezi was an advisor to King Senzangakhona and Mnyamana was the advisor to Dingane. His ancestors became the King's advisors during the reign of king Cetshwayo Mpande in the Battle of Sandlwana in 1879. The position went on until it reached Chief Mathole Buthelezi who also became the prime minister. His father Mathole was elected by King Solomon in 1925 after his marriage to princess Magogo and then Prince Mangosuthu was born. He was appointed by King Cyprian Bhekuzulu in 1954 and he has served until now.

He served the late King for fifty years and his responsibility was to inform the nation about the king's passing and his burial. The ritual of the traditional hunt was a success and now the plans for the King's Coronation will proceed. The late King's weapons were cleansed and now the coming King is welcome. Mbonisi and his brothers are disrespectful to the new King and they have done that since day one and they are still disrespecting him further. After the traditional hunt ceremony, everyone hopes that they will back off.

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