3 Things That May Stop David Mark From Becoming PDP Chairman

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The Nigerian Tribune reported that David Mark is one of the politicians who have been working underneath so as to grab the latest chance at the national secretariat of the party. The newspaper also mentioned Ahmed Makarfi, Jerry Gana among others. But three things may stop the former head of the Senate from occupying the seat.

When it comes to competence, Mr. David Mark is qualified. He can help to restore discipline and the lost glory of the opposition party. However, a critical look at the interest of the party and the current events reveals that Mark may not be allowed to head the party.

Religion would play so many roles in the election or selection of the new Chairman of the party. Since the leadership of the party has concluded to let the seat belongs to north, it is highly possible that a Muslim would emerge as the national chairman of the party. Apart from being sentimental, it is highly feasible for the party to go for a Muslim.

Mr. Uche Secondus, the suspended chairman, is from south and he is a Christian. The party won't want another Christian to take over the affairs of the opposition party. Hence, Mr. David Mark may be unavoidably schemed out of the race to the Wadata Plaza Secretariat of the People's Democratic Party.

Secondly, the PDP must have realised one bitter truth. It is not advisable to choose the chairman from a state being led by a PDP governor. Who could have imagined that Nyesom Wike would seriously and severely oppose the suspended chairman, Prince Uche Secondus?

Apart from the case of Secondus and Wike, the PDP would remember the issue between Adams Oshiomole and Godwin Obaseki. They fought tooth and nail to the extent that Mr. Obaseki left the party while Oshiomole lost his job. The PDP wouldn't want the same thing to happen again.

Benue State is one of the few states PDP is able to control in north. And the state governor, Samuel Ortom, doesn't appear to be a political ally of David Mark. Hence, from the angle of possible rifts, Mr. David Mark may not become the national chairman of the PDP.

The third thing is that the PDP would most likely prefer a former governor to lead the party to 2023 general polls. It has been proven that a politician who has not led a strong organisation may not succeed if elected or chosen as the party chairman.

Of course, a former governor would have got experience over the years. And one of the reasons Uche Secondus didn't deliver could be because he didn't lead any state government. The PDP would want to correct this error, hence Mr. David Mark would be out of the race.

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