She Turned To A Street And I Turned Too Because It Was The Way To My House, Man Reveals What Happened Next


A Twitter user has taken to his Twitter page to narrate what happened on his way to his house at night. A Twitter user who goes by the Twitter name @iam_remy has taken to his Twitter page to narrate how a girl who was in his front while he was going home ran thinking he was dangerous.

According to @iam_remy, he was walking on a lonely road at night headed to his house, and after he turned to the same street a girl that was in her front turned to, he heard her said "Jesus", and she fled. However, the narrator claimed he was also scared, so he ran, and when he realized he was the danger the lady was running from, he stopped running, went back, and followed another way to his house.

He said "So i was walking in a lonely road and a girl was in my front. Lil distance between us. She turned to a street and i turned too cause that still the way to my house. Then i just heard her say “jesus” and she took off, running!! It was night and i was equally scared so..."

"I also ran and was looking back to see what the danger was. When I didn’t see anything, it hit me that i was the danger she was running from. I felt bad and pitied her cause I totally understand where she is coming from. The fact that i ran when she ran make things worse sef"

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