The Faces Of Cyril Ramaphosa's Cabinet In 2022

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Members of the public are completely disappointed after seeing what truly is a cabinet of Cyril Ramaphosa, it seems like it is made up of a lot of grown folks who are way past their retirement age and most people would definitely like to see them retire.

Because they have no purpose here leading a very young nation that we are not in a position where we are being comrades and fighting against some kind of an injustice government, theirs is the only system that many members of the public are fighting against at the moment.

Because they have realised that there's a lot of corruption and truly not a lot of good things have come out of South Africa in the past 20 years that we can say we are very proud of, the only things that we have seen is the corruption done by individuals who have connections to the politicians or the politicians themselves.

Which has created a situation of mistrust from the members of the public with the politicians and we just want to see a situation where things are resolved, and where we don't have problems the way that the common people do.

Because if you look at the issues that South African citizens are experiencing you'll realise that crime is the reason why many people are the way that they are, the reason for the joblessness, the reason for a lot of issues that we truly can't help ourselves with and that is the unfortunate part about this whole thing.

So a lot of people just want to see the country move forward at a trajectory not going backwards while people are advancing in age and while we gained our independence a long time ago, it is truly disturbing and alarming because the leaders have complete autonomy in what has to be done and what doesn't get to be done.

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