Battle Drama Between Thugs And Police Leading To One Thug Shot Dead At Laikipia County


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One suspect thug has been killed by general service unit while others fleeing away in N'garua in Laikipia County.

According to the news through Citizen television that was shared through Instagram, the suspect was a member of gang that broke in to two shops at the Kamwenje shopping center and stole items of unknown value.

The suspects failed to surrender to general service unit police hence leading to one being shot dead while others fleeing.

Also according to police report, multiple suspects with gunshot wounds vanished into the darkness and are being pursued.

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The incidents of thugs robbing people in different counties here in Kenya have increased due to lack of employment among many youths and also idleness and peer pressure.

Youths should be a change agent in a society and they should avoid some reckless behaviors that can ruin their lives.

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