Five Places You Must Visit in Nigeria after the Corona Virus Break is Over

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It has suddenly dawned on everyone that life is short and one needs to enjoy life to the fullest and also ensure you fulfil your potentials. Nigeria is one of the most beautiful places on earth but it's quite sad only a few people have gotten the chance to explore its beauty.

Nigeria has so many tourist attractions from beaches, rivers, parks, galleries, museums, mountains and so many natural tourist destinations. Many of us are carried away with life’s activities that we forget that fun is also part of life. So now that it has dawned on you that life is short and we need to live our best lives. These are the list of five places must visit in Nigeria.

1. Olumo Rock: Olumo rock is located in Abeokuta State, the Ogun State Capital. This mountain has a lot of history dated thousands of years back, the Abeokuta city was named after the Olumo rock, which can loosely be translated as "Under the Rock". The rock served as a fortress for its inhabitants during the inter-tribal wars which took place thousands of years ago. If you would like to learn more about the city, the rock has rich social, cultural, religious and historical lessons for you. The next time you find yourself in South west Nigeria, Ogun State to be precise, ensure you should pay a visit to this wonderful destination.

2. Yankari Game Reserve: If you are wondering what it feels like watching animals in their natural habitat, the Yankari game reserve is your best bet. The Yankari game reserve is our version of the Safari. The game reserve features several wild animals like the lion, elephants, monkeys, baboon, antelopes etc living in their natural habitats. You get a rare chance to see them live in their normal habitat roaring around. This is definitely a place you must visit in Nigeria.  

3. Lekki Conservation centre: The Lekki Conservation Centre is another beautiful place you should visit in Nigeria, the Lekki conservation centre host the longest canopy bridge in Africa. It is located on 78 hectares of land and one of the major tourist attractions in Lagos. The Lekki conservation centre host so many wildlife living in their natural habitat. You may just get a chance to see some of the endangered species living in the 78 hectares natural park.


4. Obudu Cattle Ranch: The Obudu cattle Ranch is now known as the Obudu Mountain Resort, It is one of the many wonders in Nigeria and has become a top tourist destination in Nigeria. The Obudu cattle ranch has some interesting tourist attractions like the mountains, the lakes, cable cars, wildlife just to mention a few.

5. Ikangosi Warm Spring: There are so many wonders in Nigeria and this is definitely one you should never miss. Imagine a place that produces both cold and warm water at the same time. Yes, It naturally produces cold water on one part and warm water on the other part and these two water meet at a confluence. Come rain come sunshine, the Ikangosi warm spring has been producing this for thousands of years. This is the exact story of this destination. You can only understand when you visit this amazing destination.

So make sure you add these amazing places to your travel bucket list. What other places do you think is worth visiting in Nigeria?

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