Embarrassing. ANC leadership vehicles passed a place that touched the hearts of SAn’s

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The national local elections are exposing the ANC at all angles. The party is collapsing, South Africans have lost interest in the party. It will be a mountain to climb for the ANC to win the majority of the municipalities during this. It is hard for the ANC leadership to realize how the party is falling apart over their watch. The leadership does not care about the feelings of the citizens and trust of the citizens. The situation in the country does not change, people are jobless, nothing is promising, and the ruling party is not putting an effort. Everything will speak for itself at the next local elections, that are due to take part in a month time.

The ANC has shown its level of desperation when it invaded an informal settlement with high quality vehicles and campaigning for the elections. There are several mistakes spotted by the citizens in this picture. Firstly, the poor infrastructure and bad road conditions could be spotted in this picture. This is not the type of road that should be used by high profile officials. The leadership is not embarrassed, as it continues to campaign on areas that do not have electricity, household and clean water. The ruling party has failed at all costs. There is no way of justifying the inhumane action taken by those who should change these living conditions. 

These cars are transporting high profile politicians, such as Cyril Ramaphosa and David Mabuza. South Africans are touched by what the ANC is putting the citizens through. They are aware that these conditions are not going to change. Voting seems to be a waste of time. The ANC looted Covid-19 R500 billion that was meant to help poor South Africans, with groceries, electricity and personal protective equipment. Image

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