Three Lessons Everyone Should Learn From The Rift Between Mr. P And His Brother, Rudeboy


The two brothers Rudeboy and Mr. P, formerly known as Psquare crew have decided to go on their separate ways despite everything they have done together and despite all their hit songs and album, and even though they are twin brothers.

The misunderstanding and quarrel between them are what Nigerians, their fans, supporter, and celebrities have tried so hard to settle but it seems that they cannot be together again or even do anything together again. Mr. Jude Okoye their elder brother made it known that he had done everything humanly possible to bring the Psquare crew back together but to no avail.

Many people have seen the quarrel between the two as a very ugly and absurd thing between two twin brothers who had everything good going on. This duo had good hit songs and albums together, songs that could bring any occasion down and make it lively. They were the best of everything in Nigeria and Africa no one could compete with them because of the magic they perform on stage.

Their songs back to back were hit songs and Paul was a very good lead singer while Peter had the breakdance and the dancing step, it was a great performance for them and many people love their energy and vibe.

Quarrel, rift, and misunderstanding between Mr. P and Rudeboy are what no one could understand and I think many people especially twins in any family should learn from them.

Three Lessons Twins and Everyone Should Learn From The Quarrel between Mr. P And Rudeboy.

1. Don't Let Hatred lead Your life, No matter what a family member did to you, know that blood is thicker than water and forgive. These are Brother for crying out loud, not having a forgiving spirit is absurd, imagine that Rudeboy didn't attain his brother's wife Father's burial yesterday.

We sin every time and God always forgives us why can't we forgive our brother and family.

2. Balance Your love between the extended family and that of Your immediate family, don't let anything ruin the love you have for your family and wife and kids. Balance it don't let anything disturb or intrude it.

3. North, South, East, And West, the family is family no matter what you will need them, settle any quarrel, misunderstanding, and rift immediately and move on. God is love, and let love lead.