Huge Melons Of Famous Tiktoker Surfaced Online. (Video)

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Dear readers, I hope you are all doing well by the grace of God. Chrisdad news is glad ones again to present to you the news making waves on social media.

In this article, we are going to talk about a video of famous tiktoker who is trending online with her huge melons as part of the breast cancer awareness celebration. The month of October has been set globally as the breast cancer awareness month. It is during this month that medical experts use it to educate the females on how they should take proper care of their breast. They use the month of October to let the public know the dangers associated with not taking proper care of the breast. A lot of celebrities involves themselves to spread the news about the breast cancer awareness month whenever we get to the month of October.

A video circulating on social media has spotted a famous tiktoker whose name and where she comes from is not yet known dancing and shaking her huge melons. From the video, one can conclude that, she intentionally set the camera infront of herself and captured.

She was bold and happy for what she was doing and after doing that, she captioned it "breast cancer awareness month" so she is also trying her best to create the awareness for others to know that, month of October is used for that.

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