EXPOSED celebrities who were ugly young - number 2 will amaze you

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The best of us go through an ugly duckling phase. Mostly it’s when we hit puberty. The boobs pop out on lanky bodies, the mustaches start to grow on baby smooth chins and acne becomes your very personal face . Below are a list of your favourite celebrities who were ugly young.

Demi Moore

Demi was cross eyed and underwent corrective surgery to repair the kink in her eyes. And her childhood was far from happy. Born to a mother whose husband (Demi’s biological father) left her after just two months of wedded bliss, Demi was raised by her stepfather. Once this marriage ended, her stepfather committed suicide while her mother has had a long record of drugs, criminal activity, rehab

Katy Perry

Katy wasn't always pleased with her feminine body. In her teens, she dreamed of a model's body and even wore Spanx underwear. However, over time she learned to love herself.


We always find flaws in ourselves," Rihanna once said. She confessed that she managed to believe in herself only because of success. "Previously, I would slouch, put my hands on my knees, and sit silently, embarrassed by everyone."

Nicki Minaj

In her childhood, Nicki had some complexes associated with her appearance. When money came along, she fixed herself.

One has to admit that these celebrities grow to be very beautiful compared to when they were young


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