What You Can Do So He Will Get Attracted To You More On His Own

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What is it in you that he likes best?

Don't try to fish for compliments by asking him what he likes best in you. Try to figure it out. When does he smile? When does he give you that flattering once-over? Work on these assets and make them better (but don't exaggerate or overdo it).

What is it in you that he doesn't like much?

What things do you do that make him frown or look away? Is he right in not liking them? Downplay the behaviors that he doesn't appreciate much, and develop better ones.

What is his favorite scent that he likes you to wear?

If you use different perfumes, figure out which one turns him on. Make this your signature scent, and make sure you spray it in places that he just can't wait to explore. BUT don't shower yourself in this particular perfume. Anything in excess is not good.

What style of clothes does he find flattering on you?

Of course, you know which clothes you like and that you feel most comfortable in. But which one is his favorite? You can try to purchase another one or two that has almost the same cut or style to add to your wardrobe.

A reminder, though. Do not let yourself be a sucker and bow down to everything that you think would please him. He will see through this and he won't appreciate it. Be pleasant, but don't try too hard to please. What you can do is move on to the next questions:

How can you make him feel special?

The way you make your man feel about himself is important, not only for him but also for you. Be supportive, but don't be a slave.

What can you do to keep his interest high?

You need to have a life. Don't let him be the center of your world. Draw happiness from within yourself and not from him.

How can you make yourself into a better person?

Now, this is important. Make yourself better, not for him but you. And he will find you even more attractive.

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