Famous Nigerian Artist Expelled From Ghana After Assaulting Doctor.

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Rising afrobeat star Bella Shmurda and his staff expelled from Ghana and fined heavily after attacking doctor with a fork.

The “Cash App” hit maker was deported alongside two others namely Ramsey Omeofe and Jubreel Abimbola while they were also fined 2,000 Francs each.

The young hopeful of Nigerian music Bella Shmurda distinguished himself in the worst possible way during his stay in Ghana where he was to perform. According to the Nigerian site Sahara Reporter which relays the information on Saturday, September 04, Bella Shmurda, on his arrival in Ghana, was placed in quarantine at the MPlaza hotel in Accra after he tested positive for the Corona Virus.

Unhappy and worried that this quarantine upsets their program, the artist and his staff attacked a doctor from their quarantine center.  

According to the testimony of a nurse who attended the scene, the artist and his staff, equipped with a fork, threatened to attack the nursing staff if they were not released.

This attack earned the artist and his staff an appearance before the Ghanaian judicial authorities. At the end of the judgment at the Adjabeng court, sitting in Accra, the artist and his staff were found guilty of the acts with which they are accused. They were therefore expelled from Ghana and ordered to pay a fine of around 2,000 Francs each.

The attack, it was gathered, was part of an alleged plot by the trio to escape from quarantine.

 Source: https://saharareporters.com/2021/09/04/ghana-deports-nigerian-singer-bella-shmurda-attacking-doctor-who-announced-his-covid-19

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